Dr. Kardam Rishi 

  Coming from a family of esteemed astrologers, Dr Kardam Rishi is a 5th generation astrologer. the name was given by P. P. Dada (Pandurang Shastree Athavale) to a child born to Dr. gautam Shastree in the family of scholars with profound knowledge of diffrent subjects. Amongst the family Kardam Rishi's Great Grand Pa Shri Dharamsimhacharya was very learned in many subjects. He educated all his children and gave them good sanskaras. All his children were profounded in different shastras, Lately he took sanyaas and samadhi at Naliya - Kutch,Gujarat.

         One of his son Acharya Vishwanath Joshi studied much further into shastras, Vedas, etc. He taught in a Pathshala at Mau & Vaandhaay (Kutch - Gujrat) for many years without any expectation. He redeveloped many temples in Kutch - Gujrat. He worked with P. P. Dada for all his life. He devoted his life for the swadhyay and the work of God. His elder son Acharya Shree Rameshchandra got his studies done in Kashi and got the title Vyakaranaacharya & the younger son Dr. Gautam Shastree profounded knowledge of many diffrant shastras like Nyaya Shastra, Mimansa Shastra, Shad darshanacharya and Ph.D. in philosophy and astrology.

         Right from the childhood KardamRishi was keen to study vedas and shastras in fact he started learning vedas at home at very early age but after std. 7th left the school for the studies of veda. He went to the ashram to Shree Krishna Ghodase Guruji at Nasik - Maharashtra and then to Adhyatmik Pratishthan of Shree Vishwanath Joshi Guruji at Alandi (Devachi) - Pune for studies of veda and sanskrit. After studing there for four year he returned Mumbai and passed S.S.C. then college.

         He continued with his studies of sahitya shastra and Jyotish Shastra at Bhavan's college - Mumbai and vyakarana shastra from Kashyapacharya, Prasannacharya and Kulapati Mahavyagra Vidyasimhacharya at Satyadhyan Vidyapeetha - Mulund, Mumbai. He attained the profound knowledge of karmakand and performed many yagyas, pran pratishtha of temples and anushthana as Acharya.

         Likewise he learnt many things such as computer graphics, computer assembling on his own. In 1996 he created the Vaidik fonts for computers with the thought of reprinting & saving the old rare scripts whereas at that time Devanagari fonts (Hindi fonts) were not that available easily. Till 1997 he worked on it for day & night but the expected output was not gained. Then he decided to opt for scanning the books and maintaining them. And till 2010 he completed digitization of around 300,000 books. Amongst some of the books are in other libraries who also work for maintaining such rare books. He named his library as Shree Nigamaagama Granthalaya. Still he is in search of such rare books and to save them. Click here for more information on library

         At the same time he concentrated on his Sadhana too. Right from the childhood he was punctual in his Nityakarma, Sandhya vandan, Gayatri and Yoga sadhana. To attain enlightenment he tried many paths and suceeded to some extent and also was in the search of a Guru. He met many spiritual mentors, had many discussions and atlast in the year 2004 he was blessed with a Shri Guruji "Pundrikbhai Vyas". In his right exposure Kardamrishi got the knowledge of Shrividya, kundlini jaagran, different Tantras, and attained shiksha of Shree Vidya. For further progress in this path with guru agya he took Mantropdesha from Wonderful Guru Shri  ''Pramod Deval Guruji'' (Bhaskara rai Mandali).

He is a Vedic Pandit as well as Kaul. He is the Adhyaksha of Shrividya Pratishthan. The Pratishthan is a registered Charitable trust organization and engaged in teaching Veda, initiating in Shrividya, daily poojas in strictly disciplined manner. Click here for more information on Shrividya

         Best cultured generation can only make overall regeneration and development of India, with this thought in the year 2006 Kardamrishi made researches and many corrective actions on Nishek Vidya - Garbhadhaan and wrote book from squeezing the same topic from Ayurveda, Jyotish, Yoga, Veda, Upanishada, Purana, Tantra, etc. He implemented Shri Garbhasanskaar Kendra in 2007. Of which many couples have took the advantages and got blessed with best, healthy and cultured baby.

         Even today according to his Guru's command he's continuing his Nitya-Naimittik karma and spreading the knowledge of Shrividya. Teaching vega and astrology.

  He was interested in astrology since childhood and was also taught at home. In 2003, for the first time, he completed the practice of astrology with the Krishna Murti method. After that he studied Vedic astrology. With the blessings of respected world's greatest astrologer Shri K. N. Rao, he imbibed Jaimini astrology. He discovered various techniques by studying deeply. In the year 2019, he did doctorate in astrological science. And from 2019 he also started teaching astrology. In 2020, with the blessings of a Mahatma, he progressed in Naadi astrology.

Books written by Dr.KardamRishi :
Shri GarbhaSanskar Mauktikam, 2006
Shri Tarunollas Mauktikam, 2006
Shri Diksha Mauktikam, 2014
Shri Vaishnav Mauktikam, 15th January 2015 - Makar Sankranti

Yearly Publication
Shri Diksha Muhurta Prakash - 2014

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