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We Enhance Your Luck !

How we Enhance your Luck?
We consider Luck as a phenomenon that is directly related to the combination of Time,  Activity, Relationships and Collective Setup.

We help to find –
When you are Lucky! (Time)
With What you are Lucky! (Activity)
With whom you are Lucky! (Relationships)
In What Setup you are Lucky! (house, office, team etc.)
Combination of all the above!

Destiny Management

Destiny Manageent is a process of Analysing Individual & Collective Fortune and Following the Remedial Path to Fulfill Dreams, Goals and Objectives.

What is MDMCS?
MDMCS is a Professional Organization with expertise in Ancient Wisdom Tools like Astrology, Vastushastra, Palmistry, Meditation - healing, Chant, ShodashSanskar - Vedik ritual,  Worship, Gemology, Numerology, Reiki, Almsdeed, All types of Tantrik & Vaidik remedies with excellent results and Wealth of experience in analyzing root cause of problems, counseling and recommending practical solutions.

What makes MDMCS Unique?
We follow Progressive, Pragmatic and Scientific approach towards problem solving, keeping Common Sense intact, considering current trends and Practical limitations.

ur Value Proposition
MDMCS is obvious Choice when Stakes are High!

By Destiny Management we help you to
Reduce risk
Reduce cost
Save time &
Enjoy the Journey towards destination!


Special Reports with 5 Type of Remedies





Visionary Services

MDMCS offers Visionary services using Destiny Management Tools that can help our client’s take right decisions at right time. These are related to –

Personal matters
Self Exploration & Decision Making
Education, Career & Professional Growth
Health Matters

Family Guidance
Matrimony Matters
Family Disputes
Family Prosperity
Parental & Child Relations

Business Guidance
Selection of Business Activity
Staff recruitment Guidance
Dealing with Partners/Associates
Organizing Office Setup (Vastu)
Time Alerts : Yearly Guide
Vastu consultation & Remedies

MDMCS believes in Specific Vastushastra, as demands from a Vastu varies from a person to person or business to business.

We Offer –
Project based Guidance
Selection of business/resident premise
Organizing Office Setup/interiors
Vastu Analysis & remedies

Service At Your Fingertips

Personalized Consultation
Explore yourself
Matter specific guidance using Astrology & Palmistry
Vision beyond prima-facie facts

Time Alerts Yearly Guide
Client specific Yearly Time alerts
Use of Astro Methods for detailed Projections
Novel concept to plan for the year

Family Guide
Vastu visit & consultation for Home
Family member’s Astro Analysis
Experts Counseling to individual & Family